Academy of the Sacred Fool


Day 5 >> Sacred Buddies >> Integrity + Dedication practices

We will procrastinate. We will doubt. We will make excuses. We will _____ (fill in the blank).

(We will do a whole lot of stuff to avoid feeling out of our comfort zone / fail / AOE (any other excuse).

Possible solutions?

We are giving you access to your very own accountability partner. THEY CAN HOLD YOU TO YOUR WORD #integrity

This is a support network to hold you to your commitments and practice. Even down to the most basic commitment - completing A Maze. Together.

Someone has gone and set up an amazing thing - check it out below - these are for any big goals you might have. Discuss with your buddy and make yourself accountable. Put your money where your mouth (desire?) is!

And finally…

To wrap up this module, we’re going to give you a bit of a fun exercise to empty yourself out of all those fun judgments you might have that you’re not even aware of. The 2 tools we’re going to be using are called “Other People Are…” and “I am…with other people”.

In “Other People Are…” you’re going to given the opportunity to write out all your judgments about other people, emptying out generalisations, biases and prejudices you may have that will stop you from being successful with ANY coach, not just the one you may have chosen already.

In the second tool, your exercise is called “I am…with other people” is where you start to take some responsibility for those biases and for, perhaps, the ways you may fundamentally not feel entirely emotionally safe around people.

Give them a go, and hey, don’t take yourself so seriously. We’re all assholes in our very own special ways, and it is a huge sign of our own development when we can admit the worst parts of ourselves. And don’t worry, what you write in your tools are entirely safe with us. You only see your own answers and can delete them later if you like. Feel free, for now, to just let go and get the gunk out of the way. And if you can, enjoy it.